At the beginning of a new year, many people set personal goals for themselves. If you own a home, why not include home improvements in your new year’s resolutions? Here are 4 ways that you can take better care of your property by setting home improvement goals.

Take Care of Your Appliances

Neglected appliances are more likely to break down prematurely and run less efficiently. Instead of running dishwashers and washing machines with partial loads just to clean a few items, wait until the machine is full. Full loads reduce the number of times you run the machine, which reduces wear and tear. Clean the refrigerator coils and flush the water heater tank every six months. Schedule HVAC checkups before you turn on the heat or air conditioning every year.

Make a Maintenance Calendar

If one of your goals is to better maintain your home in the new year, start a home maintenance calendar in January and fill it out through December. Include weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. Some tasks can be lined up with notable dates to remind you; for instance, it’s a good idea to change your smoke detector batteries at the same time as Daylight Savings. Use a personal planner, wall calendar, or online calendar. Online calendars are handy because they will send you reminders through your mobile device.

Declutter the Home

It’s common to declutter during spring cleaning, but why not get a headstart on it at the beginning of the year? Many of us spend more time indoors with the cooler weather and shorter days. The sooner you declutter, the more time you’ll have to enjoy a tidy and orderly space. Get rid of things you have no use for and organize what you have left with bins and labels.

Take on Small Projects Throughout the Year

Completing minor projects throughout the year adds up to make a big difference. Hone your DIY skills by choosing a task slightly more advanced than the last project you completed. You’ll take pride in the permanent changes you’ve made to your home, like adding a backsplash, installing crown molding, or building a raised garden bed.

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