Part of home ownership is keeping up with minor repairs and maintenance. Unless you plan on hiring someone for all of those small jobs around the house, you’ll need a few tools to get them done yourself. Stock your toolbox with these basic tools every homeowner should have.

Hammers are Basic Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

When gathering tools for your home tool kit, you’ll want to have at least two hammers: a smaller one for easy inside jobs, and a heavier one for bigger projects.


Included with tools every homeowner should have are screwdrivers. Purchase a few different sizes, both flat-head and Phillips head. Smaller screwdrivers are ideal for lighter jobs while the larger ones are better for heavier work.

A Drill Belongs on the List of Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Screwdrivers are tools every homeowner should have, but using a drill can save your wrist and forearm a lot of exertion. Your toolbox should have an assortment of driver heads and a small kit of drill bits. If you see yourself using a drill often, consider investing in a battery operated one since a drill is easier to maneuver without the power cord.


A set of wrenches is useful around the home and in the garage. Have a set of standard and metric wrenches on hand. Also, add an adjustable wrench to your list since it is quicker to use for different sized nuts.

Pliers are a Must

Pliers might be the most versatile of all of the tools every homeowner should have. They’re ideal for grasping small objects, unscrewing nuts, and can even do some light hammering in a pinch.

The List of Tools Every Homeowner Should Have Includes Hex Keys

Also known as Allen wrenches or Allen keys, hex keys are useful for a variety of household projects. Screws on furniture and cabinetry will often require a hex key for tightening and loosening.

A Good Tape Measure

Splurge a little and buy a quality tape measure. Accurate measurements will make any home improvement project much easier.


You might be surprised how often a small hand saw will be used around the house. Buy a small hacksaw for your toolbox. If you find that you use it frequently, consider investing in a larger one.

Utility Knives are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A utility knife is a safer way to cut with a sharp razor blade. Anything from opening boxes, scraping goo off of windows, and trimming vinyl floor tiles can be done with a utility knife.

Ladders or a Step Stool

A conveniently stored step stool is useful for reaching hard-to-reach places. Ladders will give you enough height to complete some home improvement projects. The right sized ladder or step stools are tools every homeowner should have.

Extension Cords

Heavy-duty extension cords can be used for small power tools or to provide extra lighting when necessary. Be careful not to overload them and don’t use extension cords for extended periods of time.

Miscellaneous Nails and Screws

An assortment of nails, screws, and other fasteners will come handy for work around the home. Even if you don’t have exactly the right fastener to get the job done, with an assortment you can likely find a fastener that will work for the project.

This list includes some basic tools every homeowner should have in their toolbox. Keep your tools organized and clean so they will be easy to find and ready to use when you need them.

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