Everyone has rooms or closets that are cluttered and disorganized. In the bedroom, you might let clothes pile up on the floor. In the garage or attic, you may be storing items you’ve forgotten that you own.

Clutter easily gets out of hand when you cannot find things that you actually need. Here are five tips on how to declutter your home effectively.

1. Set Goals

Determine what your goals are for organizing your spaces. Decide which rooms or areas you want to focus on, listing them from most to least important. This way, you can complete the most important rooms first, which will motivate you to continue decluttering the rooms you don’t spend as much time in.

2. Ask a Friend or Relative or Expert

Ask a friend or family member or hire an expert to help you declutter your home. Another pair of eyes can give you a better perspective on what you should keep or throw away. Someone who hasn’t had these items in their home won’t have any attachment to them.

3. Set Deadlines

Set a time frame to start and finish your work. Time is the main factor that impacts any project since it’s easy to lose focus when a project continues indefinitely. Clear your schedule from any obligations and complete your set goal.

4. Donate Old Items

Plan what to do with any unwanted clutter. Many things that have been lying around the house are old, outdated, and of little value. You can sort your items based on whether they should be thrown out or donated. The only reason you should sell something is if it would be worth a lot of money.

5. Take Pictures

Take before and after pictures of the project from start to finish. Notice how much space you’ve saved and how much easier it is to move around the house. Review the pictures if your home gets untidy again.

How to Declutter Your Home: Continue Looking for More Tips

Everyone has different ideas about decluttering. Most people want to get the project over with as quickly as possible, but they miss important steps along the way. Start by following these five steps and research more ideas on how to declutter your home.

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