Clean-up after renovations can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to overlook some essential areas. This article covers some things to do to ensure your renovation process goes smoothly. Use this post-renovation cleaning checklist to get your home back to normal.

Post-Renovation Cleaning: Clean the Walls

Start at the top and slowly work your way downwards. Clean your walls and remove any debris or dust. If you just freshly painted your walls, don’t use water to clean them. Use a dry cloth. If you kept your old paint job, you could use a damp cloth to clean your walls.

Vacuuming and Dusting

Debris and dirt are usually left lying around after the renovation process. Dust everywhere, from the counters, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and cabinets to all upholstered furniture. Then, dispose of all trash that may be lying on the floor. Use a push broom to sweep large chunks of dirt and building materials before using your vacuum. Afterward, vacuum all your carpets and hard floors thoroughly. 

Post-Renovation Cleaning: Replace and Reinstall

Replace all the worn-out and non-functional items that can no longer be used. When taking fixtures down for renovation, check them for signs of wear and replace them or repair them while you already have them taken apart. Then, reinstall any items that may have been taken apart or dismantled during the renovation.

Wiping and Mopping

After finishing the initial deep clean, go back over everything with a mop or damp cloth. Once again, start from the top. Wipe your ceiling fans, light fixtures, kitchen appliances, mirrors, cabinets, furniture, and other home surfaces.

Finish up by mopping the floors. This should be the final task on your checklist, since any dust or debris you clean will eventually end up on the floor. The method you use to wash your floors will depend on their materials. When tackling the above tasks, take your time. Don’t rush over things and do them poorly. If you don’t get everything done, you may find debris and dust particles in your home later. Ask for help from family members and friends to make the work easier. If you don’t want to do the work yourself, hire a professional cleaning company to do the work for you.

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