The kitchen is the most used room in a home. Because you and your family spend so much time there, make it a place you enjoy. Entire kitchen remodels can easily cost upwards of $12,000, but if that isn’t a project you’re ready to tackle, you have other options. Let’s take a look at inexpensive kitchen upgrades that will boost the look of your kitchen and the value of your home.

Paint the Cabinets

For a big change that won’t require a lot of money, repaint your kitchen cabinets. Replacing the cabinets will cost thousands of dollars and will require professional assistance. Paint is inexpensive and easy to do on your own.

Choose a vivid color to give your kitchen a bold new look, or select a neutral tone if you prefer the cabinets are not the focal point of the room. Remove the doors and unscrew hinges and handles. Sand the surfaces of your cabinets and then add a coat or two of paint.

New Lighting is One of the Easiest Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades

To make the most of your kitchen, aim for well-lit workspaces. If your overhead lighting is too dim, install a new fixture. New lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re on a budget, check thrift stores or eBay for used options, or wait for a clearance sale at your favorite retailer.

Lighting adds personality and functionality to your kitchen. While you’re shopping for lighting, look for under-cabinet options. This type of lighting illuminates your countertops so that you have extra light for food preparation. Install built-in under-cabinet lights or use inexpensive adhesive puck lights available in hardware stores and online.

Add Accent Pieces

Your kitchen can be functional without being boring. To upgrade your kitchen, add artwork to a bare wall, or buy a colorful rug for the floor. If you’ve been using the same boring fruit bowl, look for a new one at a thrift or consignment store.

Another way to add new accents to your kitchen is by installing different cabinet hardware. Different handles or draw pulls can change the look of the space entirely.

Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrade: Install a Backsplash

Install or replace the backsplash in your kitchen to add texture and personality to the area. To create a focal point, add a backsplash behind the stove or over the sink. Choosing one area will cut costs and draw more attention to that space. A backsplash is a quick, easy, and inexpensive project that you can complete in a day.

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