Our garages often become a catch-all for various items that don’t belong in the house. Your garage can be an effective storage area when you have the right devices for garage storage. Here are 7 must-have storage solutions that will make your garage an organized space where you can also park your cars.

Shelves: Use Wall Space

Built-in or standalone shelves are essential devices for garage storage. Storing things on shelves against the walls keeps them off the floor and away from the middle of the garage.

Metal shelving units are sturdy and can hold a lot of weight if you are storing heavier items. Clear plastic bins are perfect for storing smaller items on the shelves.

Overhead Devices for Garage Storage

For items that are only used seasonally, like holiday decorations, sporting equipment, and suitcases, consider making use of overhead storage in the garage.

A platform hanging from the ceiling can hold large items and be accessed with a ladder or lifted and lowered with a pulley. Hang kayaks and bicycles from oversized hooks on the ceiling.


Attach pegboards to the walls for hanging small tools and supplies. Place hooks and baskets on the pegboards to help keep small items and tools organized.

Cabinets are Essential Devices for Garage Storage

The right cabinets can be used as closed-storage and a worktable. Choose sturdy cabinets with sufficient depth so that the top surface is available for small projects.

Cans of paint, containers of toxic chemicals, and other supplies can be stashed safely inside the cabinet. It’s important to lock dangerous items away from children, so purchase lockable cabinets for securing these items. Cabinets help keep the garage tidier since you’re storing things behind closed doors.

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