If you’ve purchased a newly constructed home, there is a good chance your builder provided you with a warranty. Homes that have a 12-month warranty should be inspected before the warranty expires. Order an 11th-month warranty inspection to learn about the condition of your home. You’ll be able to request repairs and have problems fixed that are covered by your builder’s warranty.

1. Save Money

The most obvious reason to order an 11th-month warranty inspection is that you’ll save money on repairs by having your builder complete the work. Your home inspector will do a thorough examination of your new home and provide an inspection report detailing any issues. With the information in the report, you can file a warranty claim. Having these problems remedied before the warranty expires saves you money on home repairs.

2. Find Safety Concerns With an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

After living in your home for a few months, you may notice that some things aren’t exactly perfect. Maybe the bedroom door gets stuck or the handrail on the stairs is loose. However, there may be some issues that aren’t immediately obvious, but pose a safety hazard. A professional home inspector is well-trained to spot problems in a property. The inspector will point out an improperly wired electrical panel or poorly installed guttering. He or she will notice if the roofing is already showing signs of wear or if water doesn’t drain away from the foundation. Issues like these can promote mold growth and cause fire hazards. Request repairs from your builder to make the home safe before the warranty has expired.

3. Plan for a Future Sale

You’re probably not already planning to list your home on the market. However, an 11th-month inspection can help you prepare for a future sale. When you do decide to sell your home, the buyer will order a home inspection. Problems will be revealed, even issues that originated with the construction of the home. By ordering an 11th-month inspection, those problems will be documented and addressed now so they won’t come up in a future inspection.

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