When you’re buying a newly built home, you’re excited to move in and hope everything will be perfect. Because it’s a brand new home, you may assume there is no need for an inspection. However, there are several reasons to order a home inspection on new construction.

Have a Thorough, Professional Inspection of the Property

Construction of a new home involves hiring a builder who will then hire sub-contractors to do the work. Different companies work together to complete the project: electricians, plumbers, roofers, framers, etc. It’s almost impossible for your builder to supervise the work every step of the way. Less than perfect materials may be used. Mistakes can be made.

An independent home inspection will examine each component and system of your new house. He or she will create a report detailing any defects, safety concerns, or repairs that need to be made. As the buyer, you will gain a better understanding of the condition of your property and you can have the builder address any issues before closing.

Code Compliance is Not Enough

In most areas, every new building must be inspected for basic building code regulations. Code inspectors work for the county or city where the home is built. They usually have multiple inspections every day and their inspection only covers a fraction of the things that a 3rd-party home inspector would examine.

Building codes aren’t concerned with craftsmanship. They provide a very basic list of requirements for occupancy. Order a home inspection on new construction to receive a professional opinion about the condition of your home. Your home inspector will examine the systems and components of the building and the materials used.

Order New Construction Inspections in Phases

There are many steps to building a home. The process includes laying the foundation, framing the structure, plumbing, electricity, masonry, and more. Often, after one stage of work is complete, it will be covered by drywall, becoming more difficult to access. Some professional home inspectors offer their services in phases. The inspector visits the property after each phase of the build to make certain construction is up to standards. A phase-by-phase inspection is the best way to have peace of mind that all components of the house are safe and sound.

Have Problems Repaired Before Move-In with a Home Inspection on New Construction

When the construction work is done, you close on the house and finally move in. You’ll be focused on setting up house, organizing, and decorating your new living spaces. If an issue arises after closing, you may be responsible for all costs of repairs.

Having repairs performed after move-in delays your ability to settle in comfortably. By ordering a home inspection, you get the chance to have any deficiencies repaired before you move in. The builder will be responsible for the fix and won’t be inconvenienced with a construction project after moving in.

Home Inspection on New Construction is Important When it’s Time to Sell

As you get ready to move into your brand new home, you probably are not already planning to sell it. Ordering a home inspection on new construction helps you prepare for that process whenever the time comes. Your potential buyer will hire an inspector to report on the condition of the property. Any problems that have been present since the build will be uncovered, possibly affecting the sale price.

A professional inspection allows problems to be dealt with before they become more severe with time. Before closing, order a home inspection on new construction to verify that the house is ready for move-in.

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