The porch, patio, and backyard deck are great places to hang out and entertain your friends and neighbors. When the temperatures drop in fall and winter, you can warm up your outdoor space to enjoy time outside even when the weather is colder.

Add Fire to Warm Up Your Outdoor Space

A fire pit is one of the most common ways to warm up an outdoor space. Fire pits make a beautiful centerpiece for your backyard and they are useful when it’s chilly out. Everyone enjoys gathering around a fire with family and friends to roast marshmallows or sip on a warm cup of hot chocolate.

That said, not every outdoor space is ideal for a fire pit. For safety reasons, you should only install a fire pit in an open-air space. If your deck has an awning, the fire and sparks might ignite materials overhead. Place your fire pit on fire-resistant pavers so it’s not directly on the wood of the deck.

Heat Your Patio Floor

If your patio is stone or tile, you can install radiant heating beneath the materials to warm your space. Under-floor heating is cozy and luxurious and a great option in places where a fire pit isn’t possible.

Purchase an Electric Heater

If you don’t use your outdoor space very often, a portable heating solution might be the best bet for you. Electric heaters are available that are designed for outdoor use. They plug into an outlet and usually have adjustable heat settings. Some are free-standing. Other electric models are designed to hang from the rafters overhead or are attached to a wall. The biggest advantage of these free-standing heaters is that you can move them around to your preferred location as long as you have an electrical outlet to power the heater.

There are propane-powered heaters that are a better option for spaces where you don’t have access to electricity. Tower heaters are portable and can quickly provide warmth to an area. When using propane, make sure the space has adequate airflow to prevent the build-up of carbon monoxide.

Make Your Outdoor Space Cozy

Sometimes fire pits and electric heaters aren’t an option for your outdoor space. If you live in an apartment complex or HOA where these aren’t allowed, you’ll need to get creative to stay warm outside. An outdoor rug is a great option to provide some warmth over the decking boards or flooring. Add throw blankets and pillows to help the space feel cozier. You can purchase a battery-powered electric blanket for a bit of extra heat.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to warming up outdoor spaces. The method you choose will depend on your needs and the climate in the area where you live.

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