Improving Your Property with Smart Home Features

With so many innovative home features out there, it can be tough to decide which ones are worth adding to your home. When researching these additions, first consider what you hope to accomplish with them. Determine if you want a more intelligent security system or smart features that will help make your home more cost-efficient.

ProgrammableThermostats for Better Energy Efficiency

It can be easy to forget to turn down the heat before going to bed or when you leave the house during winter. Keeping the furnace set at a higher temperature will impact your electric bill. Smart thermostats are a great tool to help you stay comfortable while saving money. Set your thermostat to adjust the temperature depending on the time of the day to lower your heating costs.

Most smart thermostats can even be controlled with a smartphone. If you ever forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving the house, this feature will be helpful to you.

Smart Plugs: What Do They Do?

Smart plugs are other intelligent home additions that will lower your energy bills. These easy-to-install gadgets plug directly into your outlet and can be controlled from your phone through an app. They are handy for when you leave home and realize that you forgot to turn off the TV or a light.

You can also automate smart plugs to power things based on a schedule. Use these when you go on vacation and want the lights to come on at a specific time so that it looks like your family is at home. There are even smart plugs made specifically for your outdoor spaces at home. You can power on the deck lights before you come home and set a timer to turn them off when the time runs out automatically.

Smart Locks are One of the Best Smart Home Features

A smart lock is a feature worth having as it will allow you to lock or unlock your door without keys. Some models can fit over the existing lock, but most will require the complete replacement of the lock assembly.

You can control smart locks remotely, making it easy to let people into your home when you are away. An associated app even sends reminders when you leave the house so you don’t forget to lock up before heading out.

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