As cold weather approaches, there are several things you can do to prepare your home for winter. Here is a list of tasks for around the house so when winter arrives, you are ready.

Check the Heating and Air Conditioning System

Before the temperatures drop, hire a technician to check the heating system to make sure it is working well. When it’s cold outside, there will be no time to make repairs if the system or its components are damaged. Test the HVAC system before you need to use it. It is better to find an issue early when the temperatures are moderate, rather than on the coldest evening of the year.

Add Weatherstripping to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Inspect the caulk and weatherstripping around your windows and doors. You can expect most products to last a year or two, depending on environmental conditions. Eventually, weather seals will need to be replaced. Remove old, cracked weatherstripping and replace it with new material. Look for deteriorating caulk around window and door frames and remove it. Re-caulk the areas as needed to prevent drafts.

Prepare Your Home for Winter by Cleaning the Gutters

Another way to prepare your home for winter is to check the rain gutters to make sure they are clear of debris and that water is flowing away from the house. When gutters back up, they overflow, which causes rainwater and snowmelt to affect your property. This can lead to damage to the roofing and/or siding of your home. Overflowing gutters can also lead to more serious issues like the deterioration of the foundation and water infiltration in the basement.

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Most house fires happen during the winter months. This may not be surprising because it is the time of the year when the furnace is on, you’re more likely to use space heaters, and there is a fire in the fireplace. Depending on how you heat your home, carbon monoxide poisoning may be a risk. To prevent tragedy, test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly and make sure all of the devices have fresh batteries.

Prepare for Snow Removal

With winter comes icy weather, and snow on your driveway or walkways will need to be removed. Before the weather gets cold, make sure your snowblower is working. If you need to have it repaired or replaced, it is better to do so before you need it. As part of your preparations for winter, take stock of your ice-melt and snow shovels. These are necessary items after a snowstorm, and their availability often becomes limited when bad weather hits.

Prepare your home for winter to stay safe and warm this season. Take care of these tasks before the temperature drops so you’ll be ready for the cold.

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