If you are a plant lover who also owns pets, you have to be cautious about what foliage you bring into your home. Some plants are toxic to animals and could make them sick or even kill them. To keep your pets protected, choose plants that are safe for them to be around. As long as you are careful about it, you can safely have both plants and pets in your home. Here are five common pet-safe houseplants.


If you’re looking for pet-safe houseplants with flowers, look no further than the orchid. This classic plant flowers once a year for several months, makes a great addition to the home, and your pets will be safe around it. Orchids grow best in a bright windowsill and require watering about once a week.

Money Tree is a Pet-Safe Houseplant

Money trees are popular plants sold at most greenhouses and big box stores. Their winding branches are unique and add personality to your home without endangering your pets. It might also bring you some good fortune, too. Money trees prefer medium to bright indirect sunlight. Turn the pot after each watering.

Peperomia Houseplant

Peperomias are a simple plant that will help liven up any area of your home. They come in various colors and textures to add interest to your interior spaces. On top of their visual appeal, they are great plants for beginners and, of course, the pets in the household. They like humidity and bright indirect sunlight.

Cape Marigolds are Pet-Safe Houseplants

The Cape Marigold or African Daisy are stunning but straightforward plants that will add a pop of color to your home. On top of being a pet-safe houseplant, Cape Marigolds have also been used to filter air and help get rid of pet odors in the house. Put them in places that your pet spends a lot of time and allow them to do the rest. These plants thrive in direct sunlight and need very little water.

Air Plants are Safe for Pets

This pet safe-houseplant is unique in that it doesn’t need soil to survive. These plants will add character to your home without putting your pets at risk. Submerge them in a sink for half an hour to water them and then let them dry upside down. Air plants like bright, indirect sunlight.

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