If you’re shopping for a new house or considering major renovations, there are benefits to having an open floor plan in a home. This design trend is popular because it creates open space and larger living areas. Let’s look at a few pros and cons of an open floor plan so you can decide if this style is right for you.

The Disadvantages of an Open Floor Plan in Your Home

It’s More Difficult to Keep Clean

With an open floor plan, you may struggle to keep the living spaces looking tidy. Especially if you have children, it’s easier for belongings and toys to pile up throughout the space. You won’t have the option of closing off the den to hide clutter when guests stop by. Open living areas put your common spaces on display to anyone in the home.

Less Privacy

Fewer walls mean less privacy in your living spaces. With working from home becoming more popular, open spaces may not be ideal for productivity or focus. In a large space, sound travels easily and the room may be noisy. There is no door to close if you need to take an important phone call or have a meeting away from distractions.

Reasons You Might Enjoy an Open Floor Plan

Makes the Space Feel Larger

A home with an open floor plan is usually designed with higher ceilings to give the illusion of larger living spaces. Property with smaller square footage will feel roomier when there are fewer walls to block the light. Rooms with large windows and open spaces are also easier to illuminate.

It’s Easy to Watch the Kids

Without walls, you can easily watch the children play in the living room while you fix dinner in the kitchen. It’s also easier to communicate. For instance, you won’t have to call for them through walls or closed doors when it’s time to come eat lunch. It’s simple to carry on a conversation with someone in the dining room while you’re sitting on the couch.

An Open Floor Plan is Great for Entertaining

Because the space is open, it’s easier to move around when hosting a party. To serve food, you don’t have to navigate around walls and corners. Your guests can freely gather and converse in the space.

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