The moving process is hectic because there is so much to do within a short amount of time. You need to pack, contact movers, figure out transportation, and get settled in your new home. With all the commotion, it is easy to forget the people and places you need to notify when you move. Use this checklist and complete this task ahead of time for a smooth transition.

Who to Notify When You Move


Your utility companies need to know where to send your final bill. More importantly, you’ll want to have your utilities set up at your new home by moving day so that you have lights, water, and air conditioning. Utilities to notify about your move include:

  • Electric and heat/gas company
  • Water company
  • Satellite or cable company
  • Internet provider
  • Phone company

Insurance Companies

Be sure to inform your insurance companies of your move. If you are moving out of state, your rates or provider might change. Not all insurance companies offer coverage in all states. Don’t forget about your health and life insurance providers, too.

Post Office

Stop by the post office or go online and update your address. Arrange to have your mail held during the transition from one place to another, and set up forwarding from your old address once you have moved into the new place.

Notify Friends and Family When You Move

Let friends and family know where you’re relocating so you don’t miss out on wedding invitations or holiday cards. Inform your neighbors and ask them to check for any packages intended for you that didn’t get forwarded from the post office. Forwarding lasts for one year and is helpful should you forget someone on your list of who to notify when you move.

Credit Cards and Banks

Inform your credit card companies of your new address. You wouldn’t want to make a late payment because you never received your statement. It’s easiest to login to your account services online to change your billing address.

Make a list of all the companies that you need to notify and check them off as you go. Your bank also needs an updated address to send correspondence to so that sensitive account information is not sent to an old address.

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