Mosquitoes are pesky insects that can be difficult to control. Along with their bites and the welts they leave, they can also carry and spread diseases. Here are some easy steps to keep mosquitoes off your property.

Getting Rid of Stagnant Water

The first step in keeping mosquitoes off your property is getting rid of stagnant water. Mosquitoes use bodies of standing water to lay eggs. If you want to keep the mosquitos away, fill in or remove any areas on your property that collect rainwater.

Plant Natural Mosquito Repellants

You can keep mosquitoes off your property with certain plants. This tip isn’t just for expert gardeners, you can also purchase these plants and put them in planters around your home. Some natural mosquito repellants to plant are lavender, catnip, citronella grass, and basil. These plants are found at most nurseries and garden centers.

Use Essential Oils to Keep Mosquitoes Off Your Property

Burning lanterns with essential oils will help keep mosquitoes off your property. Essential oils act as a natural defense against these bugs. Apply the essential oils to your skin or purchase lanterns or torches that contain repellants and place them around the outside of your house. The scents of essential oils like citronella, lemongrass, and peppermint keep mosquitoes away.

Install Screens Around Your Home

Another tip to keep mosquitoes off your property is to install window screens. If you like to keep doors open during the day, install screen doors. Even if you don’t keep your windows and doors open, bugs can still enter a home through the tiniest openings around them.

Installing screens around your home will help if you are having a mosquito problem. If you already have screens installed and you still have a mosquito problem, check and make sure there are no tears or openings in the screens and replace any that are damaged.

Reuse Your Coffee Grinds to Keep Mosquitoes Off Your Property

This is one of the more interesting ways to keep mosquitoes off your property. After you brew your coffee in the morning, take the leftover grounds and fill in any areas around your yard where there is stagnant water. The chemical makeup of coffee grounds prevents mosquito larvae from hatching and becoming adult mosquitoes.

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