Small spaces feel limiting and confining. When space is at a premium, use tricks to create the illusion of a larger area. You can easily make the bathroom look and feel more spacious without a complete remodel. Here are a few ideas to improve a small bathroom and transform the space.

Install More Mirrors to Improve a Small Bathroom

Mirrors are an easy way to make any room feel bigger. Install an oversized mirror above your bathroom vanity and look for other ways to add mirrors to the space. Mirrors reflect light and help the room look more spacious.

Use a Glass Shower Door Instead of a Shower Curtain

When you have a traditional shower and shower curtain, the wall of color can make the room feel small. To improve a small bathroom, replace the shower curtain with a glass door or design a custom glass shower enclosure.

White-on-White Makes a Bathroom Look Larger

White reflects light instead of absorbing it as darker colors do, so it will naturally make your bathroom look larger when used on the walls, the floors, and the textiles.

Whether remodeling or upgrading, choose white or a color palette that includes white, off-white, and pale neutral tones to expand the space visually.

Add Lighting to Improve a Small Bathroom

Proper lighting illuminates a room and helps you see better to stay safe when shaving or taking a shower. Use a combination of light fixtures, including wall sconces, vanity lighting, overhead lighting, and traditional lamps to make the space as bright as possible. If you have a window in your bathroom, use tinted film to allow light inside while maintaining privacy.

Visually Blend the Tiles and the Walls Together

When you use a different color for the flooring and the walls, it visually divides the room. Choose a wall color that matches the shower tiles and flooring to make your bathroom look more spacious. If you need a custom paint color mixed, bring a tile sample to the hardware store when you purchase paint. A paint specialist can help with the color you need for your space.

Install a Pocket Door

Pocket doors are a simple feature that makes the bathroom look larger and maximizes existing space. Pocket doors slide into a recess in the wall, so they don’t take up space like a traditional door.

When you’re in the bathroom, slide the door out and lock it as you would a regular door. Slide it back into the wall to make the space look open again when you’re finished.

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