A pre-listing inspection is a professional home inspection conducted before a house is offered for sale. An inspection is one of the best tools for selling a home at a fair, competitive price. Consider the benefits of a pre-listing inspection to pave the way for a smooth and profitable real estate transaction.

Learn the Condition of Your Home

One of the benefits of a pre-listing inspection is learning more about the condition of your home. A good home inspector can recognize issues in your home that you might not be aware of. The condition of your home is valuable information when you’re preparing to put the property on the market.

After a pre-listing inspection, you can decide whether you want to correct the issues in your home or if you’d prefer to lower your selling price to allow for the needed repairs.

Make Repairs Without Pressure

A pre-listing inspection gives you an opportunity to handle repairs without pressure before the home is listed. Since your home isn’t yet on the market, you have the freedom to make repairs on your schedule. You will also have the choice of hiring professionals or doing the repairs yourself.

If you skip the pre-listing inspection, issues found during the buyer’s inspection will need to be addressed in the short period between the buyer’s inspection and closing. The buyer may insist you pay professionals to complete even the easiest repairs.

Set a More Accurate Selling Price

Since the pre-listing inspection provides a comprehensive picture of your home’s condition, you and your real estate agent can use the information to set a more accurate selling price. You can choose to repair damaged roof tiles or, if there are repairs you decide not to make, you and your agent can reflect that in the selling price.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Can Lead to a Smoother Transaction

In some states, laws require home sellers to disclose known defects on the property. While this may seem like a disadvantage, being able to accurately disclose issues is one of the benefits of a pre-listing inspection.

Many home buyers prefer property listings that reveal known defects because it makes them feel more confident about the home purchase. Being transparent about the home’s condition reduces the chance that the buyer will want to renegotiate the transaction after their buyer’s inspection.

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